Hotcakes for Campers

Our Spring Season has officially begun (along with snow) and with that came our entire Spring Staff Team who is busy learning the ropes and what it means to serve our Guest Groups here at Evergreen this May and June. Twenty-nine in all are being trained this week and along with it - Redberry Bible Camp from north of Saskatoon, SK, is joining us on-site for their Spring Training week. We're excited to learn and partner in ministry with our sister camp.

If you have visited our Events Page on our website recently you will notice something right away. There's a lot going on with Evergreen in the next two months. One type of event that is now a tradition is our Hotcakes for Campers Breakfasts. This year we're even running one more in Calgary.
What is Campership Aid? Campership Aid is our financial assistance programs for families so they can afford their son or daughter's camp fees. We're anticipating needing $22,000 for our Campership Aid Program this year. We are hoping to meet this goal through the four pancake breakfasts!

We work very hard to make sure that every camper who registers for camp is able to come. Money should never stand in the way of a child experiencing the joy of summer camp. Would you join with us to make a way for all campers to have a life changing experience at camp? Check the dates out for each of the breakfasts and come out to raise some funds by eating pancakes! We guarantee that it will be the tastiest way to send kids to camp this summer!

- Jogee


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