Pond Hockey is Coming

I know what you're thinking - Pond Hockey already?
Summer is over, kids are back in school and you may even just be still unpacking your trailer from all of your summer adventures (or packing it up to come to Camp Evergreen for their Family Camp this weekend). And here we are...talking about Pond Hockey already. I personally would love to avoid talking about winter for as long as possible but Pond Hockey is completely different. Pond Hockey is the most fun way to spend a wintery day (and yes...that truly did rhyme).

We're working hard at putting together some fantastic Silent Auction and Door Prizes...we're keeping the organ tuned and warming up the Quad-bonie (okay, I'm just kidding on the last one). Registration is open for all teams today - so if you're interested, don't wait long to contact me. Two teams have already registered.
Don't forget that there's a Children's Skills Competition in the afternoon!

Here are the details for the tournament:

When: January 8-9, 2016 (we are still offering the option to play Friday night - the bulk of the games will happen on Saturday, as normal)
At Camp Evergreen, of course!
The Goal:
Well, besides playing your heart out and having a pile of fun at camp...we are setting a huge goal of $40,000 for 2016. We raise just over $30,000 at our 2015 tournament and we challenge you to beat that.
The Website:
Pond Hockey Website ...that's a live link!

The Limit: We are only taking 10 teams - so don't wait long...we already have TWO teams registered.
Who: Everyone! Players must be over 16 years old and spectators are FREE! Isn't that wild? FREE!
Click on the website link above to find all of the information, Player's Manual, Pledge Cards, and more. Most Importantly: Email me (courtney@camp-evergreen.com) if you would like to put a team in. I will get you registered and even set up a Team Fundraising Team to help you win the Golden Stick Award (Top Fundraising Team).

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Courtney (Jogee) 


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