The Spring Staff are coming... and a bunny trail.

Today my calendar told me it was time for a blog! Often I am not sure of what to write.. But don't worry, I am all over it this week!

THE SPRING STAFF ARE COMING! This is something to sing about.

Each year in Spring around 20 new staff join us to help us run our programs. Everyone will start to arrive on April 30th! We have a very busy May and June ahead of us: school groups, Girl Guides & Boy Scouts, youth groups, men's retreats & ladies' retreats and our very own Father & Son Retreat.

Bunny Trail....

Have you ever been to a retreat here at Evergreen? Well we just had our anual Ladies Retreat and it was an AMAZING weekend! . Robin Jones Gunn was awesome and worship led by Becca Mabbett, Sarah Viejou, Joy Friesen, Jill Dempsey, and Krista Quapp. Recognize those names? All the band members have been on staff at one point or another!

While we still had all the regualar activities you would usually see at a Evergreen retreat, we had special activites for the Ladies as well. There were massages by Julie, pysanka eggs by Karen, cooking with Ken, Ten Thousand Villages, Global Wonders and a book table!
Thank you to all of the attendees, ministry partners, volunteers and staff who made it one of the best yet.

End of Bunny Trail.. Back to Spring Staff!

When the spring staff first arrive we will spend the week training and refreshing our skills. We will talk about all the really important stuff like how to keep campers and attendees safe, how we conduct ourselves, how to operate the radios, emergrency proceedures and how to keep the camp clean & tidy. Sometimes we will play games and just build our team while we are learning how to team build. We will learn how to keep things fun on rainy days and be the best facilitator we can be!

Let me introduce you to the team;

The Guys: Adam, Cam, Christoph, Daign, Dylan, Felix, Jesse, John, Josh, Matt, Micah, Mitch, Nate, Rhys, Sebastian

The Girls: Brooklyn, Felicity, Jillian, Josie, Joyce, Julia, Kathrin, Kailee, Laura,Maddie, Mikaela, Rayna, Sarah, Tamara, Taylor

You may recogize a lot of these people becausue they have been here in previous springs, summer, fall or even winter however some are joining us for the first time and we are so excited about that!

There is also huge anticipation among the winter staff. What will the new staff be like? Who will my roommate be? Where are they going to fit? This is a common question we all ask ourselves. In winter we usually take over the room if we do not have a room mate. I guess thats why they call it “spring cleaning”... and boy do I have a lot of it to do before May! (I think we all do,oops)! And even though we have to share our rooms again there are feelings of excitement here at Evergreen!

We have been praying for these staff by name as they prepare to come serve for the next four months. I would invite you to do the same. That God would move in their lives and as they speak that they would glorify Him in all that they do. 

Be well, 

Taylor ! 



Unknown said…
This sounds like an exciting season! I will be sure to pray extra lots for you Taylor… Ive seen what your room looks like right before a good clean ;) blessings to you and all the staff at Evergreen! Enjoy!

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