I'm excited to say that things are beginning to move here at Camp Evergreen after a long winter.  It was starting to feel like spring would never arrive as we were frozen solid by the cold winter.  It is a little ironic that "they" are calling for snow again this week!  Oh well, we will survive.  What kind of things are moving you ask?  Let me be the first to tell you.

We'll start with Courtney our Program Director.  Courtney has moved 240 feet (yes I measured) or 75.152 metres from her house (which isn't her house anymore) into the brown trailer (most recently Beth Anna's trailer, which was Kerry's trailer, which was...etc.)  We did a bit of sprucing up and with the help of our strong and talented staff moved her in just before the weekend.


When asked how her new place is, Courtney commented on how far it is from her bedroom to the living room.  For those of you who have been in both her homes you know what we're talking about.  Welcome to trailer life Courtney!  Koda seems to have made the transition in one piece.

The Fallen Timber Creek is moving.  Just last week I was still able to walk across the creek on the ice.  As you can see by these pictures, walking across now would either involve hip waders or pretending to be Peter!

The moving creek is a good thing.  It means that spring could be just around the corner!

The horses are  We have five new horses.  Our current herd is starting to show its age and so we brought in some new horses for the fleet.  In no particular order of importance we're excited to welcome Ace, Reba, Willow, Missy and Wyoming.

My early favourite is Wyoming because of Zane Grey's western novel by the same name!  We'll talk more about our horses later and will introduce you to our new Head Wrangler - Travis Pengra who starts in May.

And finally the cabins are moving.  Not literally of course, but moving ahead.  We are pushing hard to have four of the newest cabins ready by the end of April.  Our May and June are booked solid with guest groups and the new cabins will be a huge (HUGE) bonus.

If you are already wondering what to do with yourself on Saturday April 26th I have the answer.  We're having another work day and we need people.  In fact we need YOU!  Start the day with breakfast at 8:30 and end the day with supper at 5:30.

Perhaps you're wondering if we can use you?  Here's a picture of Sebastian, with a broken leg mind you, crawling under a bunk with an air gun!  Yes we can use you!

So yes, things are moving here at Evergreen.  We also trust that God will be moving as well in the hearts and lives of our staff and guests.  Pray with us that hearts will be prepared, staff will be strengthened and that the Holy Spirit will move mightily this spring and summer.

Ranger (Bob)


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