Cold wouldn't stop us

If you haven't noticed the weather as of's cold outside. But on February 21-23rd, youth and youth leaders arrived at Camp to celebrate our annual Junior High youth retreat, Rise 'n' Shine. It was a cold one but the youth took to the activities, our hockey rink, and indoor Willsonball arena for great weekend.

Ambrose supplied the band that rocked us through worship and Brad Huebert brought us the Word. The weekend chapel sessions started with the question, "Is God Real?". Brad's sessions were interactive, challenging, and sticky (well...full of sticky notes, that is). Check it out:

We started by making a big list of who God is - which Brad helped us categorize into 5 categories.

On Saturday night, Brad invited everyone to personally respond to God from where they were at.
It was an incredibly awesome weekend. My highlights were always in the chapel sessions. I think regardless where anyone was at coming into this weekend, we all had an opportunity to meet God personally. I can't think of a better way of spending a weekend.

Rise 'n' Shine also marked the end to the Olympics and early, early on Sunday morning - our staff, the worship band, and a few retreaters got up at 5am to watch/listen to the men's Gold Medal hockey game. And at breakfast, our very own John Toews (no...not Jonathan Toews) led everyone in a rousing (okay...maybe not overly rousing) rendition of Oh Canada to celebrate the win. Check it out here:

There you have it. Rise 'n' Shine 2014 has finished and you know what that means? Spring and Summer are just around the corner so until then - stay warm!



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