I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for the Ice Rink...

It's time for another  update on whats been going on around camp since the snow has started falling as well as the degrees on the thermometer outside! Yes it is slowly getting colder out there and with all that cold comes ice and with ice comes time to build the ice rink!

We have once again transformed our beloved basketball pad into an ice rink. And once again it shall be enjoyed by all who come and skate on it!  We build an ice rink in the winter for two main reasons. Number one for our Annual 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Tournament (It would be difficult to have a Hockey Tournament if we didn't have an ice rink!) And also for our guests to enjoy while they are here during the winter months.
Steph and Christoph have put a lot of hard work and long hours into creating the ice rink this year and we really appreciate everything that they have put into it!

For those of you who don't know what goes into making an ice rink or don't know how to make an outdoor ice rink then here is a bit of explanation on how it works.  First you have wait till it is cold enough so that the water you are putting down will freeze and turn into ice almost instantly...because it just makes no sense to have a swimming pool in the middle of winter and that is what you would end up getting if you started when it was too warm outside!  Step 2: Next you need to lay down a few base layers of ice, which basically involves standing in the cold and holding the hose for long periods of time.
This is how it all begins.
 Step 3: It's time to break out the Zamboni once there is a base layer sufficient to work with.  The purpose of the Zamboni is to smooth out the ice surface by adding very thin layers to the ice surface.  This step involves being quite quick and efficient because if you are too slow then the Zamboni  might freeze to the ice and that is just not a good situation at all!

The day that Steph and Christoph deemed that the rink was skateable we all rushed out to go and test it out...even Charlie was excited to come and test out the rink with us!

Here are some pictures!
Bob and Charlie playing some hockey!

Christoph working on his hockey skills while playing keep away with Charlie.

Stay posted to hear about Christoph, Jess, and Hannah's First Canadian Hockey Game experience!


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