Introducing the Fall Staff Team!


Well, Fall has begun here at Camp Evergreen. Actually we are already a month in!  The leaves are changing as well as the weather. And we continue to hold on to the hope that winter will stay away for just a little bit longer.

So far this fall has been jam packed with groups from youth groups on the weekend to team building days with school groups.  It has been a month full of fun and enthusiasm as we continue to zip kids down the zipline, jog the jugs across the playing field, canoe the canoe pond, and boulder our newly completed bouldering wall. Though we run the regular fun activities, we still have to do the dishes and clean the bathrooms, but we do the best we can at making those tasks fun and enjoyable as well.  Kathrin, Steph, Sarah, and Lacey's favourite times have been in the dishpit singing along to their favourite childhood Veggie Tales Songs!  Veggie tales makes everything more fun for most…Taylor seems to have her own opinion on this matter.

We have staff from all over the world this fall.  We have staff from Vancouver Island, staff from Alberta, and even 3 staff members from Germany!!!!  Here is the 2012 fall staff: Cam, Christoph, Chelsea, Hannah, Jessica (Fritzi), Kathrin, Lacey, Moody, Russell, Sarah, Steph & Taylor; Cody was also here for the month of September. However we have now said goodbye to him as he heads off to Denver to do Phase 2 of a DTS program. 

The staff this fall has become just like family.  On our spare time we like to eat together, go to church, go on day trips, have tea parties, play games together; Munchkin continues to be a staff favourite.  Basically we do life together which results in lots of laughs and good times all around. 
                                              Hannah, Christoph, and Jessica (our German friends) on our Banff day trip!

Now be sure to stay tuned to our blog as bios of our Fall staff are on the way soon! 


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