impact 2011

It's been two months since Impact (that's our grade 9-12 camp, which caps off the summer season each year), so really, it's about time for a blog post, isn't it?

Well, I thought Impact was pretty great. We had real reindeer on site for Homemade Jam! Does it get better than real reindeer? I think not.

Our speaker was Edmonton's Mike Perschon. We spent the whole week focused on the story of Christmas, considering both the birth of Christ and value of traditions, and delving into the Christmas story as its told in the books of Matthew and Luke. Do I have any Impact campers out there who can tell us something they learned during the week, in the comments section?

Homemade Jam was snappy and funny. Bacon (pictured below) was the funniest, in my humble opinion. (It was Christmas themed this year, Homemade Jam.) We played late night Collector's Choice (Graham D.'s team won, of course) and had a coffee house and good weather and fun times.

There was also some quality pranking underway, led by Gina and Stacy's cabins. They had people fully fooled all week ... till Jasper and Dylan camped out all night, clad in fatigues, to identify the pranking pranksters.

Thanks for your extreme patience with this ... and you can share your favourite Impact moments in the comments!

To your left: a male camper climbs.
To your right: Amy, Jamie, Selena, and other campers watch the climbing (well, Amy's watching the photographer).

To your left: Vicky Berg plays during coffee house.
To your right: Bacon takes his camp crush prevention practices to the next level, by adding a terrible to expression to his super cool mullet.

To your left: a game with a tire and Corin and Paul.
To your right: is Boy Cam picking his nose? Girl Cam, it's too bad you're looking away! You could have told us!

To your left: Scott and Lindsay are soooooo glad it's Alyssa getting watered on, not them.
To your right: I'm not really sure what's happening. Evan is making the cabin one girls balance on something? Maybe?


Anonymous said…
where are all the pictures?
Anonymous said…
where are all the pictures?

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