it's really wet out there.

Weird spring, right? First the wildfires (our hearts ache for the people of Slave Lake) and now ridiculous amounts of rain?

Back in 2005*, Camp Evergreen (and region) experienced a crazy huge flood: we haven't used the lower playing field for anything but rocketry since, and we very nearly lost our canoe pond. Chunks of the old minigolf course turned up in distant woods for ages and ages. (Next time you canoe here, see if you can find hole 4, embedded in the woods by the lagoon.)

It's highly unlikely we'll see a flood like that again anytime soon. Nonetheless, some kind of flooding is happening as we speak. Emily and I drove the gator down to check out the action (we kept a very safe distance from the actual water: we would not want to risk being swept away). You can't get to the teepees right now (the road to the teepees has been replaces with a rushing river) and we're about one foot away from the creek overflowing into the canoe lagoon.

It's Rain 'n Jog with our guest groups these days (still very fun, especially since Jasper has taken to doing jumping jacks up and down the centre line: very entertaining):

Sometimes we trail ride along here. Not for now, though! Do you see how the water is about to burst over the shoulder?

Emily points to where the road to the teepees was ... and where our new waterway now resides (temporarily named The Oilers Are Cody's Favourite Hockey Team creek). Usually, the whole direction Emily is facing is road. The creek runs parallel to her. TOACFHT creek is the part running in front of her.

*Thanks to Alyssa N. for pointing out that the big flood was 2005, not 2004 like I'd originally posted. OOPS!


Alyssa Neudorf said…
I'm pretty sure it was 2005 when everything flooded.
Alexis Smith said…

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