Tales of a Cowgirl

Okay, so this is Julia Dunbar. Kerry has asked me to write a blog post today, and so here goes...

First off, I will tell you a little bit about myself therefore answering some of Kerry's list of questions for all the winter staff... (She told me I don't have to answer all of them because I'm going to share about summer too).
I'm from Red Deer, AB but Evergreen has been my home since May 2006. I work at the barn as Assistant Wrangler and therefore like to lead trail rides, but I also love to lead climbing wall or help at the zipline. I am also currently a student at SAIT in the evenings, taking photography. In my spare time, I go climbing (on the rocks, and indoors), take lots of pictures, play my guitar, ride horses, and work on training my 2 year old horse. I have a younger brother who is getting married next summer, which is very exciting for me.
Those are some of the basic questions, and I guess I will answer a couple of the more interesting questions....
Morning or night person? Total morning person... You know the person who you want to stuff a sock in their mouth because they are so perky in the morning??? That's me!
What do you think you will be doing five years from now? Hopefully using my schooling and working as a photographer.
Do you like pets? Have pets? I like most animals but am allergic to anything with hair. However, I do own two horses Daisey and Freedom (but they are too big to count as pets).
Tell us a unique or quirky habit of yours... I squeak when I yawn or sneeze.
How many times did you move as a child? Once, when I was in grade one dad built the house that my parents still live in today.

For the summer, I was given the job of Trails Away Coordinator. All winter last year, I was given the responsibility of re-designing Trails Away to be on our site across the creek, and to come up with chapel material. This proved to be challenging, but very rewarding.

This summer, there were two different groups of Trails Away campers, and each group learned different things and taught me different things.
Some of the things we did with horses were horseback games (Simon Says, Pirate Ship, Tag), rode lots of trails (as long as the weather permitted), learned how to herd horses, and learned how to ride a horse bareback. Not everything that we did was horse related though... Campers got to experience the climbing wall and zipline too. The second group even got to come over to main site to watch the Camp Evergreen teen week tradition, Home Made Jam. In the evenings after supper, we had our chapels (usually around the fire), and then we often played games around the fire at snack time.

One chapel night really sticks out in my mind. It was the last night with our first group. I had decided when I put the chapel stuff together, that the last night of chapel would be left open to what God wanted. We started by singing a few songs that the campers requested. When I opened the discussion up to the campers, we had one girl speak up and ask if we could do something she called Positive Rounds. What this involved, was we went around the circle, and everyone said something positive about one person, and we repeated for every single person. It was so cool to hear the campers building each other up. They also wanted to say it for the staff, which was amazing! I personally was really touched by what the campers had to say. Seeing the way that God was working in each of the campers was so cool.

Pictures (Top: One of our many campfires that we had, Middle: Trails Away 1 Crew getting ready to head home, Bottom: Trails Away 2 Crew learning to bareback)


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