ladies' retreat was full of fun things! (post #3)

We did a whole lot of things at Ladies' Retreat besides excessive ziplining. Check it out, y'all!

Kim, Bethany and Jenny engaged in exuberant archery (left); Robin had some fun in the remaining snow (right).

Fun, fun, fun in cooking class with Ken (left); fun, fun, fun scrap-booking with Rachel (right).

We went on trail rides (left); we went on walks (right). It was SO NICE OUT!

Sarah, Leanne, Krista, Nathan (who is man, yes, and was technically there as a volunteer), Kim, Diana and Bethany played violent Dutch Blitz (left); Shelley, Janelle, Heather and Sharon pretended to be sedate Dutch Blitz players but I'm telling you ... they were not sedate (right).

Sharon, Lisa, Jenn, Dorothy and Colleen played the letter game with the bananas (left); Sandy and Evelyn reconnected ... so fun! (right).

Trina & Rachel (left) and Krista & Nathan (right) were among our AMAZING volunteers.


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