flashback to the good ole days of 1997

Melissa Friesen recently emailed the following photos to me ... and when I saw them, I knew I had to share them with all you in the blog-o-sphere.

In the summer of 1997, Russ Friesen and Jared Epp [Russ, Melissa's husband was Head Wrangler at the time; Jared was Assistant Wrangler] delivered tuck to the boys down at Roughin' It in the most dramatic, old west fashion. Jared played the role of trader, riding in with his "illegal" goods (tuck) to trade with the kids. Russ played the role of North West Mounted Police (NWMP) officer (this is the old west!), chasing and arresting Jared.

Jared Epp rides in on "Danny", with pack horse "Bert".

Jared trading with Andy Marten, Mark Bergmann and campers.

Russ on "Pepper", makin' the bust.

After chasing the fugitive through the bush, the Mountie gets his man.


Lisa said…
Wow. I love it! I can't believe Melissa has been hanging on to that picture of Russ in costume for all these years!!
murray said…
Aw, Big R, you're hilarious, you belong upstairs at Heaven's Gate, not down, why, we'd even let you wear your gun in church. Nice horse too, what is that? Well, well, 13 years gone by. God bless you. Bear in mind there might of been a Baptist with a 73 Winchester up in the trees with a bead on you. Take care among the Germans, brother ;o)
Anonymous said…
The funny thing is... that's not a costume! - Russ' brother

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