explorers&sparks 1, part 2, july 20-25

Trenton and Ben, our A/V technicians extraordinaire, have been taking sweet photos of all the ridiculously adorable Explorers (going into grades 3 and 4) and Sparkies (going into grades 1 and 2) who are at camp right now, and I have to share some of them with you now! When I was on the program team in 1999 and 2000, I would beg to be a cabin leader for Sparkie week because they are so very cute.

We're in the midst of a scorcher of a week; it's so hot here! We have a staffer driving around in the gator this afternoon delivering water to the thirsty souls at play and we've been bathing in sunscreen. But the heat doesn't stop the fun!

Heading to tuck

Selecting tuck is very serious business


Wall climbing

And some canoeing racing relaxing splashing fun to combat the heat!


Anonymous said…
Awww, they're so cute! Sounds like this week is a blast!

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