introducing ... janelle

Janelle is our assistant cook this spring and summer and she's doing an amazing job. Janelle's pretty much always got a smile on her face, and she's lots of fun to work with!

hometown | Linden, Alberta

favourite band
| "I like music."

favourite book
| "I like books."

best camp memory | "Having Nellie and Chelsey as cabin leaders in 2007 (I think ... or 2006?)" (It had to have been 2006.)

favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen
| "Cook ... and spoil people with fresh baked cookies or other treats. Or canoeing!"

i can't make it through the day without ... | "Food."

something i love to do when i'm not working is ... |
"... drive."

anything else you'd like to share, janelle? | "There is good food at Camp, I know 'cause I make some of it."


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