WinterFest Family Camp and Fun to Come

Nearly two weeks ago we concluded our WinterFest Family Camp. It was a raving success and we're already hearing families talk about who they will be inviting next year. We're excited to see this camp grow like our two summer family camps.

There are a lot of people who wonder what there is to do out here in the winter. Well - let me tell you... Wagon Rides, Trail Rides, Snowshoeing, Jug 'n' Jog, ice skating, hockey, Red Neck Curling, Snowsculptures, archery, zipline, crafts, and more and more and more. Evergreen in the winter has its very own magic - besides who doesn't want some hot chocolate and cookies fresh from our  gator while they're waiting to ride the zipline?!

We invited our families to join our Winter Family Olympics. They had their very own "coaches" and competed in a number of different kids of events including Snowsculptures, Red Neck Curling, Giant Dutch Blitz, Jug 'n' Jog. Medals were given out, trophies were won, and it was a very special time enjoyed by everyone.

Check out some of the awesome snow sculptures from the weekend:

From Inukshuks to Lochness Monstors and Easter Island heads - the creativity from the families was amazing.

Our speaker for this weekend was Stephanie Beaulieu. She used our theme of the Olympics to talk about the race that each of us are running for God. It was awesome to see each family engage in the activities during our sessions, learning about each other as well as God.

We thank you to all the families that participated. Next year - the WinterFest Family Camp will be February 15-18, 2019. Keep an eye out in October when Registration opens!

We also have a bunch of events coming up before summer. Each event is connected to the event on our website. Head there for more information:

  • Ladies Retreat - April 6-8th. We still have some space in this event. It's a wonderful weekend full of activities, special meals, relaxation, nature, and amazing special guests.
  • Father/Son Retreat - May 4-6th. Get out of the city and come play with us. We're bringing in Grover Bradford from Airdrie, AB to speak about things that Dads and Sons go through. We'll also be making a lot of bacon. Don't miss out!
  • Daughter's Day - May 27th. This is a special day to honour those amazing girls in our lives whether they're 5 years old or 50. Join us from 10:30am to 6pm to celebrate the women in our lives.
  • Tough Camper Run - June 9th. We're starting a new thing here at camp! Our newest Fundraising Event - our Tough Camper Run is a fun 1, 3, or 5km obstacle race for individuals, youth, or the whole family. Information on how to register and raise support for camp will be going up next week!
  • AGM/Open House - June 23rd. If you find yourself telling people about Evergreen and how they should really check it out - chances are good that you also consider yourself an "Evergreener". We would likely call you an Ambassador for camp - someone who has experienced life change at camp and wants others to find it also. If this sounds like you - you should really check out our AGM that runs from 9am-12pm on June 23rd. Following the AGM is our totally free, totally awesome Open House. Activities will be open to the public and will conclude with a free BBQ. Invite your friends and show them why Evergreen is so amazing!

That's it for now. Remember...check in next week when we announce the Tough Camper Run!



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