Amazing Trail Blazers!

What a week! It was such an amazing week with our Trail Blazer 1 campers, Roughin' It Girls 1, Charge 1, Pit Crew 1, and Interns. The weather was  pretty wet in the beginning but that made it's own fun. By Wednesday, the sun was out and we were playing Jug 'n' Jog, Captain Sonar, and all the fun outdoor games we could get our hands on.

Chapel this week was amazing. These kids were crazy good singers. One of the things that gave me shivers was the unexpected singing of Oh Canada during our last lunch, started by Crestwood. That rendition was good enough to be on any Stampede Grandstand show. I definitely got the shivers. 

J Janzen, from Abbotsford, BC, was our speaker during the week and shared a lot of stories from his childhood and from the Bible. He taught us that we are created with super powers, that we have the power to serve, and that Jesus is the ultimate superhero and we can join his team by saying yes.

Campers had a ton of amazing things to say during our campfire time. Check them out:
  • "If you fail, it's not the end. God is always with you."
  • "Before I came to camp, I was not a Christian but I now said yes to Jesus."
  • "God is the ultimate superhero."
  • "Before camp, I held grudges but after camp, I learned to forgive people."
  • "Even though you can't see it now, everything has a purpose in God's eyes."
  • "God and Jesus love you from the bottom of their hearts." 
  • "I learned what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be part of God's plan."
  • "Helping friends learn about God is so good. Like I could do it for a career!"
Sounds like we've got some of our staff lined up for Summer 2022. :)

If you're looking for the worship songs from this last week - here are the song names and artists:
  • We Are - Kari Jobe
  • Every Move I Make - Hillsong Kids
  • Happy Day - Tim Hughes
  • Pharoah Pharoah - Tony Soranen
  • Meet Me in the River - Jon Buller
  • How He Loves - David Crowder Band
  • Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
Lastly - here's the link to the video which will be up on Monday, July 17th:

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