Things Only a Camp Staff Will Understand

As we draw VERY near to Summer Camp there's been a lot of work done to prepare for our summer campers. Programs to be built, menus to be planned, skits to be written...

These are things that are all done by our phenomenal staff. We really, REALLY couldn't do our summer ministry without them. As our Summer Staff Training Week approaches (2 WEEKS) - I thought I would write about some things that our staff would really get.

Sometimes I think that only "camp people" will understand why we do what we do. I'm pretty sure that only half of my family get it. The long hours/weeks, hundreds of screaming and excited kids, low pay, the shaving cream games, and smuggling's really hard to put into words what a camp staff gets out of working at camp. Nobody will really understand that you can, in fact, survive two months on Oreos and Juice and that severe tan lines, bad hair cuts, and make believe Moofs can be sort of cool. I mean - I still have two Moofs in my office. People will never understand the absolute pride of losing your voice after Yodel 'n' Hum nor will they rock tie-dye or Wildlife Wednesday Shirts quite like you do. People on the outside may just never get it. But you get it - I get it...and really, that's all that matters.

Here's a few (19) things that if you were ever a camp staff you'd understand:
1. If handled incorrectly, "Boom Chicka Boom" will never end. Got to watch out for this...know when it's got to end...otherwise it will go on, and on, and on, and on...

2. Side Hugs. You KNOW it's all about the side hugs. Ranger gives the best side hugs.

3. Sleeping is more important than showering.
4. There's always one cabin leader who is actually an extra camper.
5. Never trust a camper who has said they've changed their socks...or underwear...wait - is that the same shirt you've worn all week?
6. Tan lines can get competitive.

7. And then there's always those kids who like you way too much.

8. The world would operate better if everybody could just do some team-building activities.

9. Spaghetti night is the wildest of nights.

 10. Shaving cream games.

11. More shaving cream games.
12. No matter how much you shower, you may never be able to get all that paint, dirt, and glitter off - and you know what? That's okay.
13. These are a great way to keep kids (and staff) busy forever. Did we mention tan lines?
14. It's more difficult than you think to get kids to make a circle.
15. When you're not sure what to wear - head to the Leisure Closet.

16. It's very important for everyone in your life to know that you are a camp staff. THIS ONE TIME AT CAMP....
17. People don't understand when you turn down a "real job" to go to camp.

18. Camp is a real job.
19. And you wouldn't trade those memories for the world.  


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