...we needed to take a breather...

Haven't you ever felt like that? Like you needed to take a moment and just breathe? That's what this last week has been for us - a big ol' deep breath after Impact. We've been so busy taking that deep breath that we weren't able to get the blog update about Impact up. Have no fear! We're back and will be posting on a (nearly) weekly basis.

Impact was a great week. It's such a fun way to end the summer for our staff - also - I don't know how our staff would survive another week after the crazy night programming each day. We had two night games, a drive in movie night, a worship night and then topped it all off with our annual skit night, Homemade Jam. The week was full of shinanigans (in the best way possible) and it was a great group of kids which just makes the week for staff and camper alike.

The weather behaved for about half the week...we got BEAUTIFUL weather for our creek party and field BBQ day and then it got rainy...and then it got really rainy...and then it even snowed. Nothing says Alberta weather like snow in August. If you picked up your son or daughter at camp last Friday - you would have seen some very snowy mountains on your drive. Yikes!

Sam Grottenberg from Vancouver, BC brought the Word to us, talking about Peter and Jesus. He really dug into the Bible with the kids and challenged them to really look at what scripture has to say. Because it was so cold and rainy (and because the AC was being prepped for HMJ - Friday night chapel and testimony sticks happened in the Dining Hall. Here's what some of the kids said they learned during the week:

- I don't have to be how others say I should be...only what God says I should be.
- I learned to trust in the Lord in times of trouble and no matter what, he will be there for you.
- I learned that words don't define who you are.
- I learned that doubts are okay as long as you don't let them consume you.
- Labels don't matter to God, so why should they matter to you?
- I learned where fact ends and faith begins.
 - God is always with you whatever you do. Always be strong in God - He is your friend.

Let's just let that sink in...God is always with you whatever you do. Always be strong in God - He is your friend. Such an amazing truth and it's such a privilege to sit in a room with youth as they tell their peers and friends what God is teaching them. My heart is always full on testimony stick nights.

And if my heart could be more full...it would be because the camper's favourite song this week was...I just want to be a Sheep... Which they would hijack worship and chapels with every chance they got...

There you go. Summer 2015 winds down to an end. We only have one more camp to go which is Family Camp happening over Labour Day long weekend. I can't believe it's come and gone so quickly. And to think...dates for Summer Camp 2016 will be out in less than two months...are you ready?

Until next week,

Yes - No - Yes (with Edna and Pumba)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (with Shrugs and Sunshine)
Homemade Jam on the Range Set 2015


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