Generation 3 does the Coast

Last week was an adventure! If you didn't catch it on our Facebook page, we took our German Volunteers to Vancouver Island. And we're back! We number the same as when we left for Vancouver over a week ago so I guess that means we didn't lose anyone! You would think that keeping track of them is an easy job but when you've got three or four staff of any kind going different directions, jumping in oceans and mountain lakes, climbing trees and exploring the big cities...I will admit - there were moments when I questioned if we were going to come back with the same number we departed with!

It was a very fun trip full of thousands of kilometers, lots of swimming, and beautiful weather. That's right, after spending a couple days trying to prepare our Germans for rain and clouds...we got beautiful blue skies nearly the whole time. I guess we brought the Alberta sun with us!

As you can tell from some of our photos - it certainly wasn't dull travelling with Generation Three.

If we weren't wondering what Daniel would climb on next (or body of water he was jumping in) - we were wondering how much pickle juice Mirjana would have to drink from losing in our camp game "What are the chances?". As it turns out she only had to drink about 2/3 of a pickle jar. Mmmmmmm.

Some of the highlights from the trip were Granville Island, Cathedral Grove (near Port Alberni), Victoria area sites, and finally afternoon adventures with Adam (Geiger) on Friday. We even got to see a JPod of orcas on our ferry ride back to the mainland from Victoria! Too bad we can't plan those things!

As you can see below, Daniel and Mirjana even tried to bring some "friends" back with us (a few crabs and a starfish)...unfortunately, they were like fish out of water and didn't last very long.

Note the very black burn mark on the graham cracker. :)

As the week finished out - Geiger joined us for some board games and s'mores before we hit the road back to Alberta. All I can say is that you should really look into using an ACTUAL campfire to make your s'mores...microwaves and graham crackers just don't get along very well. 
It took all of 5 minutes for our Generation 3 to fall asleep on the way back to AB

It's a little crazy to think that we're getting our Generation 4 German Volunteers this year. Our fourth year! We're always so excited to meet who God has brought to us! You can be praying for all of them as they prepare to come and especially for their work permits (our Government has added a few more hoops to jump through to get work permits). We know that God has great things planned for all of us this summer!


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