New Landscapes

Last week our landscape changed.

In truth, our landscape has been consistently changing for the last few years due to our cabins getting rebuilt. This summer saw all 10 new cabins house campers. Cabins Six through Eleven still stood on that back row beyond the bathrooms (called The Lost Cabins by some...or so often - The Boys Cabins). One by one, the cabins have been moving out. First eight, nine, and ten. Six made its way next. Eleven and Seven took the longest as the trees that have grown up around them made quite the challenge and puzzle for Rolf.

Koda is sitting where Cabin 6 used to be.

Finally, last week, Seven and Eleven were carefully moved out from their homes. This seemed, at least for me, the most significant of the changes that I've seen over the last few years. These little wooden cabins that had housed thousands of summer campers full of memories are almost finished their work here. As I watched Rolf haul Cabin 7 past the Welcome Centre last week, memories came flooding back of the times I was a Cabin Leader in 6, 9, and 11. Lots of memories - good memories. Times like when the male campers from several of the Back Line (8-11) formed a "Choir" and sang Chapel songs at the tops of their lungs at 6am. Such good memories. A small, sad feeling comes over me as it feels like I'm watching a chapter close in our history.

And then I found myself considering how many thousands of kids heard about Jesus for the first time in those old cabins and imagining how many kids said yes to Jesus in those cabins. That's not sad at all. That's amazing!
The New Back Line sans Cabins 8-11

It is an honest reminder of lives changed here - how God has transformed children and youth at Evergreen. And though there's that small, sad feeling in me as I watched those cabins disappear from their old spots these last few weeks - there's excitement as I think of the future and thousands of new campers coming to stay in our new cabins. Thousands of campers who will hear the Good News, make commitments and new memories. How exciting is that?

So yes, our landscape is changing. A new chapter...the next 50 years has started and I can't wait to see and hear what God has in store for us through those new cabins.

 Cort (Yogee)


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