Generation Three Germans

Get ready... Here comes a long blog post. BUT, it will be worth the read for sure! 

Here at Camp Evergreen we love our Germans! The past three years we have been working along side an awesome missions organization WEC and they send us Germanys finest. We have seriously been blessed by the volunteers that have came to camp the past few years. They do preparation in Germany before they come and that makes them come sort of in a group. They all have different Generations and actually have numbered themselves from 1 - 14 (I think we are at 14 already!). They are pretty ridiculously awesome and a lot of fun. We can't wait for you to come to camp to meet them so here we go... I introduce to you Generation Three!

What is your name, age and origin?
JS: Judith Sorger. 24. Deutschland.
MH: Marcel Hecker. 19. Deutschland.
MS: Mirjana Stilz. 19. Deutschland.
DP: Daniel Pfau. 18. Gambia + Deutschland

Describe your family in one sentence!
JS: Amazing and sometimes annoying and I love them! I'm thankful that I can share the love of Jesus with my family.
MH: Eeeeh, Dude that's a weird question... Lovely, Caring, a little bit too much, sometimes.... They are supportive... yeah.
MS: Aahm, (giggle) aahm, I don't know. We are all pretty different and it's not always easy, but we love each other.
DP: Ahm, they can be really annoying but at the same time really loving and I'm thankful for their patience with me and guidance.

Why are you in Canada at Camp Evergreen?
JS: "I have decided to follow Jesus." After school I wanted to work in a christian camp with children and horses and I also want to improve my english.
MH: Cause I wanted to serve Jesus and practice my english and I also wanted to do something active in the Nature.
MS: So I wanted to get to know Jesus better and I think it is easier to grow with Jesus, if you are forced to be dependent on him. And I felt like it was God's plan for my life.
DP: I wanted to work with children, so I checked out a few places including Camp Evergreen, prayed and talked about it with other people and so now I am here.

What do you hope to achieve?
JS: I want to figure out if my plan for the future is the same as the one Jesus has for me as well as grow in faith and make new friends.
MH: That I am able to focus more on Jesus and get closer to him. I'd also like to prepare my plans for the future.
MS: I wanna grow in Jesus and figure out what God's further plans for my life are. I also want to have an adventure with Jesus and get to know new people and just have a great time.
DP: I want to become more independent, grow in faith and learn to pray and listen to God.

What are your hobbies?
JS: My hobbies are: Horseback riding, reading a book, leading a youth group,meeting with friends and cooking.
MH: Meeting friends, sports, biking.
MS: Sports (especially soccer), I love drawing and painting.I like to cook, reading books, meeting with people, talking, playing my guitar and doing adventurous stuff.
DP: I like riding my bike, drawing, cooking, being crazy and climbing. I love listening to peoples stories and inventing my own.

We drive far so... everybody in!

What is the biggest difference between Canada and Germany?
JS: The distance between two cities, it's crazy to say that we just drove to Church for 1.5 hours. In germany is the next city 20minutes away. The food is also very different.
MH: Size, winter, people are more open and it is easier to get into a conversation.
MS: The food is really different, and the people seem happier, more open and friendlier. And the architecture is so different.
DP: The language, but also the way people interact with each other. It is polite to ask someone how they are, but they don't expect and answer.

What is one thing you miss about Germany?
JS: Spätzle with sauce.
MH: Friends.
MS: I miss the culture.
DP: Family

What do you like about Canada?
JS: The vast and beautiful wideness of nature and the english language.
MH: People, the nature and the weird weather conditions.
MS: I like the beauty of nature, the stores and I am exited for the snow.
DP: The nature, the people and the trees.

Where is your favorite place at Camp?
JS: On top of the fences in the catchpen when the horses are there.
MH: My bed.
MS: On the rock, at the creak because of the beautiful view and peace.
DP: The rock chairs by the creak.

If someone else would describe you what would they say?
JS: She's a nice brave lady, a good cow girl aaaand she's a cool person. Honest and trustworthy.
MH: He's the funny guy, way too cool, and a diligent worker.
MS: She is pretty brave, she will surprise you by going crazy and being normal again in a flash and she is honest and trustworthy.
DP: Yo Daniel, you are the definition of craziness.

If someone would wanted to make you happy, what would they do?
JS: Cook with me, have a good personal conversation and take me for a long trail ride.
MH: Take me on a road trip.
MS: They would invite me to a cup of coffee and a good talk.
DP: Cook a Gambian dish for me or drink Attayah with me at a fire.

What was your most embarassing experience so far in Canada?
JS: Fall off a horse and start to cry and can't stop. And I forgot to close the gate for the horses so we needed an hour to catch them again.
MH: I accidentaly sprayed BBQ-sauce all over Bobs sweater and cream colored shorts.
MS: I haven't really had any embarassing experiences here so far. (sureeeeee)
DP: No comment...

What is your favourite bible story?
JS: The prodigal son.
MH: The good Samaritan.
MS: It the moment the story of Joseph in the Old Testament.
DP: David and Goliath.

Lake Louise

What are you thankful for here in Canada?
JS: The German Bible study AND Harold(Harold is another wrangler at the barn).
MH: For the people I met over the summer and the experiences I had so far.
MS: For the friends I made and for being able to see how much God provides for us. I'm also thankful for being able to have seen so much of Canada already.
DP: All the great people I met that support me and care about my life story. I've had some great conversations and lot's of encouragements, that's great.

What do you think about Taylor? (I guess this is what I get (Taylor) for asking them to write the blog post this week?)
Germans: She is a pretty cool weirdo.
Harold: I think Taylor is a pretty cool and weird person, she focuses on what needs to be done.... (Thanks Harold)

Yeah, so come to camp if you want to get to know us better. We'll be here for a long time!
If you have any questions, go ahead and ask, we only bite when we are hungry.

-Generation Three Germans
Judith, Mirjana, Marcel and Daniel 
(commentary by Taylor) 


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