Charging into a New Camp

Oh man...

It has been a long time since we talked! How have you been? We've been great out here at camp - weeks are just flying by. It only seemed like a moment ago we were starting camps off and then wham! It's already the second to last week of the summer.

I wanted to bring attention to one of our new programs this summer: Charge. It's a new out-trip that we're offering that is based out at our brand new Paintball Range. Who better to tell you about their first Charge experience than our Charge leader, Dylan:

This year marked our first ever Charge camp here at Evergreen! It was amazing! For those of you who don’t know, Charge is an all guys Out-Trip camp with a focus on Jesus, teamwork, brotherhood, perseverance, courage, and other manly-type things. We teach these things using the wonderful and colourful game of paintball! 

For myself, it was an unbelievable experience! This being the first year we have ever had an Out-Trip solely dedicated to paintball, we went in not really knowing how it was going to play out. God blessed us immensely that week! Our Speed Ball course, the safe zone, and the new campsite were set up just in time for summer and we had fantastic weather - only raining once during the week! We even had a BBQ on the beach!

The thing God blessed us the most with were our campers! It was amazing to see 20 guys from all corners of Alberta with various levels of experience playing paintball, camping, and faith backgrounds come to us with willing hearts and say “I've never done this before but lets give it a go!”. It was incredible to see them grow in their paintballing abilities/skills and watching one camper go from sitting behind a bunker at the back of the field the whole game on Monday to leading the charge on Capture the Hill on Thursday! It was encouraging to see how close these guys became over the course of 5 days. On Sunday night the campfire was so quiet you could hear a paintball splat. But on Thursday that silence was replaced with the sound of 20 guys laughing and showing off their paintball welts and how excited they were to return summer 2015!

My week as Charge leader was so amazing its hard to put into words - It was such a blessing to see God moving in these young men and to just spend time with them was a blessing in itself. I am so excited to see how Charge will grow and change in the coming years. I pray that the lives our Charge boys will continue to be changed by the power of Jesus Christ through Charge and the Evergreen paintball ministries.

Dylan (Fender) Peters
 Man Camp Coordinator


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