Seniors and Stories

We had our second Seniors Day this past Wednesday.  Man that was a great day.  A BIG shout out to our staff for loving on our guests for the day.  God blessed us with perfect weather.  Ken, as usual, out did himself with a fantastic spread at lunch.  The cinnamon buns in the afternoon were very, very cinnamony and sticky.  And wow do our seniors drink a lot of coffee!

My highlight was walking around camp, (actually that's me driving around camp in our newly donated Gator!) with the people who started camp, hearing their stories.

Camp Evergreen has a rich history.  Story after story was told of how camp was started with God's leading, with volunteers and hard work!  Stories of how three individuals found our first quarter back in the 1950's.

Stories of how individuals and families volunteered to clear the land.  Stories of how tractors and trucks came from farms in Linden to help build the road.  Stories of lost boys and bears in the pantry.  (Maintenance was called to clear out the bear so they could make breakfast.  We haven't seen a bear in our kitchen for a long time!)

Stories of how the Bergen gravel pit said, "Hey, use as much gravel as you need!"  Stories of bus loads of campers coming up from Lethbridge every week.

There's the story of how one companies work crew was delayed by rain, and on the same day our new lodge (at the time) needed some extra bodies.  God provided the man power we needed through that delayed crew to put on the trusses.

One of my favourite stories was of a young man who was called the evening before camp started to come and counsel because camp was short counselors.  When he arrived the next day, he was informed that the cabin next to him was short a counselor as well..."so here's your second cabin!"  I asked him how he managed two cabins?  "I just ran back and forth all week" was his reply.

Most recently there is the story of how Mennonite Disaster Service helped us last summer.  With their support on the ground, and your support through finances, the final six cabins were started and at the time of this writing, five will be used this weekend for our guest group.

I love our history.  I love the stories that our seniors told.  51 years ago Camp Evergreen was started with a very clear purpose and vision.  To share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the children and youth of Alberta.  I'm even more excited about where God is leading us in the future.  I'm looking forward to the stories we will be able to tell at the end of this coming summer.  Stories about His grace and leading in our lives.  Stories of campers coming to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.  There's always time for a good story and a cup of coffee (or Root Beer) at Camp Evergreen!

Psalm 78:4  "we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done."

Ranger (Bob)



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