adventure classic, according to jasper.

So I have successfully avoided writing on the blog for this long but no longer. My name is Jasper and I have worked at camp for 5 summers and 3 springs. I come from a small farming community called Gem and I really enjoy the outdoors.

This summer, I have been leading a program called Adventure Classic and it has been a fantastic part of this summer for me, so I am going to tell you a little bit about it.

So here is a rundown of how the week works: Sunday afternoon, everyone arrives at camp. Once everyone has arrived, we drive out to the Ya Ha Tinda, where we tent for the week at Eagle Lake campground. While there, we hike out to Eagle Lake, we go white water rafting with Mukwah rafting tours, we rock climb and (if the water is not too high) go to some natural waterslides. If the water's too high for the waterslides, we hike out to Bighorn Falls. Back at the camp site we cook excellent meals, play some capture the flag, or just chill around the fire and have some great talks about God, and about life.

Over the course of each week, my goal is to show campers Christ through everything they do whether they are throwing themselves 25 feet off a cliff into the Red Deer River, looking at beautiful waterfalls, or at the top of a rock climb that they never thought they could make it up.

Pictures from Adventure Classic 1, July 10-15, 2011. Taken by Kim P.


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