family camp in july.

Reilly has reprimanded me for not blogging: I'm sorry! It's busy around here, and that's a good thing. We finish summer staff training tomorrow and our first gang of campers arrives on Sunday: wow. We're excited!

Last weekend was family camp: it was packed out. We had so many families here! Two large extended family groups joined us, plus a bunch of smaller family groups. It was so much fun! Our speaker was Shawn Hubert, who shared a meaningful message. Some of the families commented that his talks were very real and practical. While Shawn shared with the parents, our staff took the kidlets out for activities: they spent a bunch of time learning about the armour of God. It was really really really fun to have Becca M. back, leading worship through music. Yeah! She had a great team playing with her, too.

Family camp was also a major learning extravaganza for our staff, because it came at the beginning of staff training. We had six staff supervising our wee little archery range all at once, for example (I think that's kind of funny). Our staff team this summer is a good mix of oldies and newbies. We're super excited to have with us ...

... Abby, Alana, Alyne, Ashley, Becca, Becca, Ben, Brad, Bradley, Cam, Carey, Cassandra, Celeste, Chelsea, Christine, Cody, Cody, Colter, Dylan, Elisa, Emily, Erin, Evan, Felicity, Gina, Graham, Jasper, Jena, Joel, Joel, Josie, Josy, Julia, Kathrin, Kim, Krista, Lacey, Loreea, Maddy, Marc, Matthew, Michael, Mitch, Moody, Nate, Nicole, Rachel, Rachel, Reilly, Reilly, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Scott, Shauna, Sho, Stacy, Stephanie, Sydney, Taylor and Zina.


Alyssa Neudorf said…
2 Days!!!!!
Reilly M. said…
Eight people at archery*
It was madness.

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