our staff team.

When a week or a weekend or a retreat at camp is over, kids will chatter all the way home about the horses or the challenge course or Ken's amazing food. But, really, it's the people, the community, that makes camp a great place to be. The zipline might be sweet and horses mights be amazing and the food might be mouth-watering goodness, but if the belayers aren't (safely) crazy and encouraging or the wranglers aren't friendly and fun or the meals aren't served by enthusiastic staffers ... well, it kind of takes something really important away from the experience. It sounds super cliché, but seriously team! Our people are our greatest asset.

We're going to spend sometime this winter introducing you to our staff team. We don't get a lot of comments on our blog (Alyssa, Reilly, Lisa, Bethany ... 16 points each for commenting every so often) but I've still heard from a surprising number of people that our spring time posts about our spring staff team are their favourites.

I gave our staff a ridiculously long questionnaire. Emily wins seventy-nine points for being the first person to return a completed questionnaire to my office; Becca comes in second with eight points. No points for anyone else, yet. I'm not going to post the responses to the questionnaires (which feature gems like, "have you ever met a famous person?") all at once. You have so much to look forward to!

In summary:
1st place: Emily (79pts)
2nd place: Alyssa, Reilly, Lisa Bethany (16pts each)
3rd place: Becca (8pts)

(Pictured above is Camp Evergreen's first year-round director, Walt Loewen, at our June 2010 All-Staff Reunion.)


Anonymous said…
whhat only 8points? can I have bonus points for being awesome? kidding. ish.
Alyssa Neudorf said…
YEAH thats what i'm talking about!
"I'm a star!" (does a start jump)

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