teen camp. oh, teen camp.

Impact (teen camp) was great. It was fantastic. It was legit. It was epic. It was ... a really long time ago already! We played a great, week-long game of Settlers of Alethia. We had surprisingly fantastic weather. Homemade Jam, which took place during Hockey Night in Alethia, was totally legit. Mike talked all about the life of Jesus, which was a completely epic life.

Like I said, our speaker Mike Perschon focused on the life of Jesus in his talks during Impact. It's a little bit revolutionary ... of course, we talk about Jesus all the time, but it's usually in the context of some specific aspect of the Bible, like Micah 6:8 or Colossians 1:17 or 2 Timothy 1:7. We spent a whole week just talking about what Jesus did during his life and why it matters to us and why it matters in general. It was great!

[The whole Jesus of Nazareth movie is available on YouTube, kids! That's the one with the Jesus actor who came across as a little on the ... intense (scary) side. The embed code is disabled, so if you want to look it up, you'll have to do that yourself or follow this link to get to the first clip.]

Much from Masqarade Night

There aren't often photos of the handcrafts crews, but handcrafts is one of our chosen skills. Kayla, Reilly and Jung-En led handcrafts this summer and made all sorts of things ... soap, tie-dye, magnets. It was fun.

The other activities also ran ... archery, zipline, you know. Fun stuff!

The Bunkhouse girls were very effortful when it came to Cabin Clean-Up. They had a different party theme every single day, with treats and party hats for the nurse. This was birthday party day.

(Please note that yes, I know, most of the pictures are of Bunkhouse girls ... I have to express gratitude to Sydney for sharing her photos with me, since the AV team was understaffed and over-committed during Impact. I would also like to acknowledge, though, that we had nine amazing cabins of lovely, fun, joyful, ridiculous campers, in addition to the Bunkhouse girls.)


Bethany said…
teen camp is the best. i miss those days.

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