A little more Thunder Blazers (Trail Blazers 1)

Okay! A few more pictures of Trail Blazers 1 plus a summary from speaker Jenny about what all we talked about during Trail Blazers 1!

To get the summary, I made Jenny sit down in my office (she's the nurse right now; it's Ignite 1 camp). This is what she said, "essentially it was about choosing to walk wisely. We have the choice to either walk with God or not with God. And he takes what we choose on this earth (walking with or not with) very seriously! But ... big important point: he loves us regardless of whether we walk with him or not." So ... I guess the question is, who are you walking with?

Upcoming posts: Roughin' It Boys in review; Settlers of Alethia featuring The Lost Tribe.


Unknown said…
Thats my cabins pic!!

Unknown said…
I loved Yodel 'n' Hum!


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