value: prayer!

Prayer is foundational to the very existence of Camp Evergreen.
We will seek God continually as we listen, pray and read His word (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Prayer is how we communicate with God. When we pray together, we're not just communicating with God -- we're encouraging one another and building community. Prayer can clear our heads and hearts. We can sing our prayers, speak them, journal them by hand or computer, yell them ... we just need to pray!

My favourite prayer story from summer 2009 was from a Trail Blazers chapel. Jenny, our Chapel Coordinator, often invited campers to talk to God. One morning, she invited anyone who wanted to to "stand up on their bench and pray really loud!" One boy stood up on his bench and yelled, "aaauauuuggghhh!", really loud. Everyone froze and Jenny walked over to the boy and quietly asked him what he doing. His response? "You said to stand up and yell really loud!" Once we'd cleared that up, he did pray. It was quite adorable and funny, and the boy was very good natured about the whole thing.

We have a team of people from across the province -- I like to call them our prayer shield -- who pray for Evergreen continually. And here on site, we frequently pray together at meals, staff meetings and Bible studies, and we are starting to meet one morning a week before work begins to pray over the camp.


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