cabin fever!, pt. 1

Huzzah!* The building has commenced! Last Saturday, October 10, Kevin & Jen & kids, Andrew & Lisa & kids, Matt and Richard joined Dave in the RV sites to begin work on Cabin 1! Actually, it'll probably be Cabin 12-14 or 16, because those puppies will be the first to go.

Kevin, Andrew, Richard, Matt and Dave made a good start on the cabin. Lisa, Jen and I cooked ... deliciously pre-cooked food (thanks Ken!). Andrew managed to find time to take some photos as they built, so check it out!

Left: The build site, with just the skids on the ground.
Right: Skids.

Right: Hammer time.*
Left: Land of many drills.

Left: Kevin and Richard weren't cold at all (it was only -15 with the windchill, after all).
Right: Fortunately, to offset the cold, a coffee break!

Left: Richard and Jesse measuring.
Right: The first wall is up!

The second wall is up!

Left: Frame of the back wall.
Right: Our handsome building crew.

* "Huzzah!" is actually a play on words, because back in the day, Evergreen's Trail Blazer and Ignite (grades 5-6 and grades 7-9) camps were called Huzzah 1 and Huzzah 2.
** Reference to MC Hammer.

posted by kerry.


Anonymous said…
I was going to say that everyone knows MC Hammer, but I realized that some people - alive today - have never lived in the twentieth century.

Kerry. How is this possible? Something must be done.
Alyssa Neudorf said…
Wow that is exsiting by at then same time i am gonna miss the old one, cuz they have been there since my dad was a camper, and there are many mermories i have had in cabins
(In order of my years)
Everything form playing grounders in the cabins, to praking my couslars and making theem fall out of the cabin by opening the door from the outside while they were leaning on it. To runing into the door, biking in the side of cabin. Pick up lines in the cabin, embarressing pictures, that ended up on facebook. There is plenty more, to reating couslar,wich i most def did not particapate in, playing would you rather, tuth dare dubble dare fire in the barn, EVERYTING HAS HAPPED IN THOSE CABIN's

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