God First, Safety Second...

Greetings !!!
it feels like its been an eternity since this blog was updated.
It's luKe updating, again in case you were worried that I was a made up for a giant April fools joke...

Much has transpired since I last wrote. People have left camp to pursue other dreams, snow has fallen, moose have eaten the bark of several of our trees, birthdays celebrated, butter tarts eaten and NEW PEOPLE HAVE COME!!! God has provided several new staff for us to get to know, cry and laugh with and become fantastic friends...with.

There are; in no particular order;

Ashley Schellenberg;- also called 'schberg' (for obvious reasons) - Part of the program team for the summer. She has some Bible College education under her belt.

Julia The Wall;- she got her nickname because she wont tell us her middle name, and because there was a pressing need to tell have one of the Julia's with a nick name... fresh out of Bible college and ready and excited to teach kids about Our Lord Jesus.

Kayla Whitney;. - our resident crafty person, she also has a talent for seeing things/people that sometimes can get overlooked... And is is just coming from a year at Bible College

Cody Hoffman;- a laid back man who loves to joke and also has a year of Bible College. He has a twin who is Trouble #1 therefore he his Trouble #2

Dusten Dixon;- Also fresh out of Bible College (I'm sensing a theme), and returning for another spring. He loves to joke around and is often seen giving friendly advice to the newer staff.

Brendon Dyck; the (self proclaimed) 'most awesome manitobian' Has done some discipleship programs in the past and is leading our Counselor in Training this summer

Richard and Mary Penner; Being married they get mentioned together. Richard is taking over the program director spot working with Ashley to run the summer. While Mary is working with Ken doing some cooking (like the butter tarts). They have no nicknames as of yet, but have already demonstrated talent at their jobs

The snow is slowly melting...that's right I said snow...it snowed about 15 inches at the beginning of may. It was very strange to see. From this event was gleaned a new appreciation for dry socks, a very muddy boot room and the following fun/true story. Late (but not too late) one night some of us built some random snow men (and possibly women) in the parking lot and around the welcome centre. Now your all thinking "that was the worst story ever Luke". But wait until I tell you that this morning while the snow was still melting I was given... Five Australian Dollars!!!...OK you still think its a bad story...so to make up for my lame story here is a picture of the three of us involved and one of our snow people.
Warning: Picture may be unsettling for children under three
Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of these snowman or taking of this picture

The three of us posing with our fallen 'Safety Snow Man'
From left to right its Luke Ducharme (me) Our Safety Snow Person (Whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons), Jenni Bartell, Ashley Schellenberg.

The sign says 'STOP!! it's dangerous here...'
Safety Snow Person fell over whilst we were warming our fingers and toes and drinking warm beverages. We were sad.
So it seems God is having fun and letting us have fun with the snowy weather and has given us opportunity to experience His love through the laughter of our people. We continue to trust that He knows what He is doing and that He will provide for our needs this summer.

That's all for now folks...

May God do "Cool Stuff" with you and in your life.



Darth Zoon said…
This entry saddens me greatly... the original plan was to finally work this summer at camp and now my thumb is broken... sadness and a half
Anonymous said…
hi Luke i no u i was at your camp and we played jug and jog.i want to just say that i will be coming back for the summer because you guys rock. and tell Brendon i said hi:)

from cody

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