the official introductions

so i want to introduce you to some people because they'll be updating the green spot once in a while.


is 5' 4" and plays the trumpet. she owns a horse named daisy (and can't wait for daisy's baby horse to be born around march 27th). julia likes mountains, speaks spanish, and has never worn the big yellow apron when doing dishes.


is 6' 6'' and has to duck to avoid hitting the ceiling of some parking garages. he's really good at playing the guitar. stevyn has ridden a bike backwards, and can walk on his hands. he has not, however, ridden a horse backwards.

is 5' 5"ish... and a toothpick! she's also cold all the time, so we call her the Icestickle. she is equal part rock climber and cowgirl. kristy hates mushrooms, and would really like ken to make pizza today. she has one brother and a cat named tigger.

is about 5' 9". he has worked at camp evergreen since 1997. his real name is jason, he likes video games, and his car recently took a permanent vacation to the dump. sugar is also a phenomenal photographer, and has taken lots of the pictures you see on the blog.

smiling because God is good!


Alyssa Neudorf said…
All the time!

Go Julia i play the tumpet to or at lest i am learning

this will be fun i just got back from band camp at pioneer lodge

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