the slurpee song

something tall and cool
to satisfy our bellies
it's not to much to ask
for us two handsome fellies

they make our hearts dance
to jump and sing for joy
they make me oh so happy
just like a small schoolboy (SMALL SCHOOLBOY)

the straws they are so neat
i need to get one soon
not only can you suck through them
but you can use them as a spoon

my paco he is a chubby man
he likes to eat the cheese
and when he drinks the slurpees fast
his brain it gets the freezes (SLURP! SLURP! SLURP!)

red, brown
green, and yellow
when i drink the slurpees
i'm a happy fellow

small to big
they're all so good
let's go get some
i think we should (THINK WE SHOULD)

i like the little icicles
sliding down my throat
if only i could have one now
i would share it with a goat

my friend he is a simple man
when he drinks he gets the burpees
it is so hot in this place
i wish we had a slurpees (NEED SOME SLURPEES)

this song was song almost every day of almost every week in 2001. it was brought to camp evergreen my the program director, colin peters. it was sung and adopted by staff and campers alike. rus klassen and chuck were a couple of the singers who accompanied colin. if you are old enough to remember the teens week parent program of that was perhaps the FUNNIEST parent program we've ever had. i don't think i recall a song that was so loved by EVERYBODY! so here's to the many people that have bugged me about posting this song.

peace out


Anonymous said…
I think i have heard that song some ware i think it was at camp one year but i could by wrong

i LOVE to sing songs at yodle and hum it is fun!!!!!!!!!!

last night i have a dream that the camp was totley different then now (in a bad way)

and Courtney had died her hair blond brigt blond it was odd to say the least. i did not raelly like it.
then again the person that was you in my dream was not like you.
And vickey she died her hair bright blue that was scary.
the sad part is you guys were the only ones there no one else was there.

Well i get to go to a new school next year and i have to go to the bus now pec out

Anonymous said…
hmmm i hope that song shows up at camp its completley awsome untill then i wish i was there see you soon :)
Anonymous said…
I have never heard that sogn! I've been away from camp for too long! (2 years) Yay!! only 37 more days until trails away! I tried out my air pillow yesterday, and I couldn't sleep, it was too uncomfortable. Do you people think I could fit my normal pillow in the 40L packing limit?
Anonymous said…
Annoymous says...
I love that song. It is so fun and full of expression about slurpees. Plus... i love slurpees. They are one of my favorite drinks.!!!!!
kerry said…
Late, but it was 2000 that Collin (with two ll) was at camp and Russ (with two ss) and I were his program team. Just so you know ...

kerry p

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