my sincerest apologies

my goodness! i sure have been everywhere but here in the last couple of weeks. i am so sorry for not updating this but hopefully you will understand in a couple of minutes. we got our spring staff last sunday and they're fantastic. we've got brittney (from saskatchewan), jannalee (from manitoba), dusten (calgary), brendan (calgary), omiunu (nigeria), steph (nevada), vicky (coaldale), sugar (, luke (lethbridge), sam (turner valley), julia (red deer), bethanna (irricana)...and eric is still coming (calgary). they're awesome and i hopefully will get some pictures up so that you can put some names to faces. it's been a busy week of training and rain....lots and lots of rain that even turned to snow sometimes. and we all know how I feel about snow.

and...drumroll please. ken and rachel had their baby last saturday. they had a beautiful baby boy and named him Daniel Jacob. Awesome! we're so excited for them.

that's my update about camp right now. we start getting spring groups in this week and then it's a short two months until summer. are you ready?

here's what's up for my camp feature...


this camp is sweet! sleep in a teepee in a remote campsite at camp evergreen. roughin' it is all about a more relaxed schedule - no meal bells, no schedules, just a camp all to yourself. you get to do all of the activities, catch frogs, build shelters, cook your food over an open fire, play in the creek! These camps fill up fast - a bunch of them are all ready's what we have left:

Roughin' It Jr. Boys 1 (Grades 3-5) - July 9-14th

Roughin' It Jr. Boys 2 (Grades 3-5) - August 7-11th

Roughin' It Intermediate Boys (Grades 6-8) - July 30-August 4th

Sign up soon before they're all full! Sorry girls, there's no more room in the girls roughin' it.



Anonymous said…
Hi. I'm a girl from Terrace Ridge in Lacombe that went to your camp from May 30th-June 1st. Well, technically, May 30th-May 31st. I got heat stroke and had to leave early.
Anyway, I'm just commenting to say that I loved the camp. I'm not a very outdoorsy person, but I had loads of fun. Especially with Luke leading campfire songs =)

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