new building, new baby, new llama?

just kidding about the llama. we do have one...actually two. sprocket and spigget (as in the thing that a water tape attaches to). here's sprocket (very attractive, i know):

well - the building is getting close to done. i think we're going to be moving in at the end of May. The doors are on, the floors are done, the walls are painted...just lights, window cills, interior furniture (mill work), toilets and sinks (can't forget those!), and last little touches like that. The building looks AWESOME. there's been a guy working hard for the last month or so putting the outside trim on the building - makin' it look pretty. see for yourself:

new baby - that's right...tasha (one of our mares) has had a baby! our first 2007 foal!! she's so cute. jon and julia have yet to name her but i'm sure it will be a good one. i'll keep you up to date on the naming of the foal in the next couple of days. that's all for now...let's hope that it just keeps on melting!!
I hope that everybody has a super fantastic day!
peace out -


Anonymous said…
89 days till camp starts
Anonymous said…
Im sure you have already mentioned this but I was wondering what the new building is going to be used for?

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