on the road to rise 'n' shine

hey hey hey,

well we're like 3 days away from rise 'n' shine 2007. wow 2007. that means we're 6 months (actually it's like 5.5 months) away from summer. NUTS! but not only is rise 'n' shine coming up but jennibee and i are heading out on the road to bible colleges to recruit our friendly neighborhood staff for the summer. so you can be praying for us while we're on the road (it snowed today...of course the day that we're going to be driving). anyways, we're going to take you with us and hopefully we can update this a few times so that you can come along for the ride. our first stop is Three Hills (i know i know, you're probably asking...where is that?) for Prairie Bible Institute. Then we're coming back to camp for Rise 'n' Shine (jr. high retreat) with nathan arkell and gem youth band, a little MI, and snug 'n' snog! then here's the schedule:

briercrest (sun-tuesday)
millar college of the bible (wednesday)
bethany (thursday)
breakforth (friday to sunday)

and then home sweet home.

peace out and we'll be talkin' soon.


Anonymous said…
Hey Courtney! Snowville on thrusday eh? they say they havn't had as much snow there as they do right now in 50 years...have fun with that. Give hugs to all of the camp staff at bethany from me!
Peace out!
i hope the jr. high retreat is super awesome!

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